Truffles is our new chocolate labrador, she joined the family today and came from a lovely home where she had the best possible start to her life.


She was born on June 2nd so is now 7 weeks old.


We picked her up this morning and she was a good girl in the car, she did travel on my knee most of the way instead of the crate she was supposed to be in!


She investigated the garden and house and then settled down in her playpen and had a sleep.


After her lunch we introduced her to the other dogs. We have Harvey our daughter's dog staying at the moment so it was a lot for Truffles to cope with.


We intoduced them one by one and Truffles thought it was great. The only problem we had was that they wanted to play with her and they are so big compared to her,, any play will have to be supervised.


She quickly realised that Cleo was the best to play with. After a play in the garden she had another sleep.


She has a playpen in the lounge and a crate in the utility where she will sleep tonight with the other dogs. We are hoping that although she can't curl up with them yet she will have them for company and won't keep us awake!

Truffles is 8 weeks old today, She has been to the vets for her first injection. She enjoyed her visit.


She is still being a good girl during the night although she likes to get up early and lets us know all about it!


She has her evening meal with the big dogs and is learning to sit and wait until we tell her she can have her food.

Eating together

We have had Truffles for 2 weeks now. She is still getting us up very early and is into everything but she is doing really well. She is spending more time in with the big dogs and really enjoys playing with them.

She has started to have some basic training and has already mastered the sit. We are trying to make sure that she is sitting before being made a fuss of. This is in the hope that she won't jump up!

Truffles sitting

 Truffles continues to do well. She has had her 2nd injection now and has been microchipped.

She has now discovered the pond!

She isn't waking up so early now which is great and toilet training is going well.

Cleo is still her best friend but she doesn't mind who she plays with!

Truffles is now 4 months old and has just finished her Puppy classes. She certainly wasn't the best behaved puppy but was very enthusiastic. She did manage to get her certificate. We now have to wait until  November 21st before she can start proper training classes.


She is now big enough to join the other dogs  on a walk up to the top field once a day. She enjoys running around up there and has been very good with the sheep.

Truffles and her first rosette

Truffles is now going out twice a day with the other dogs. She is no longer sleeping in her crate.


Truffles  started training classes in November. She did well at her first one but things have gone downhill since then! She gets so excited, things she does really well at home she won't do there.


She enjoyed her first Christmas party!


Jan 2013


We are having to keep a close watch on Truffles near the fire. She would get in it if she could.


Training classes start again on Jan 9th, can't say I'm looking forward to it!


Truffles loves training classes!!!! She knows when it is training night and is eager to go. As soon as she is out of the car she will make a dash for the door. Once in there she is beside herself with excitement. All thought of behaving herself goes out of the window. She forgets all the work we have done at home ( She does everything really well there, honest!)


Truffles was a good girl and passed her test with flying colours. For once we both did everything right! She now goes up into the next group and gets to meet another group of dogs. She will no doubt think that that is a good excuse for her to get excited.


Truffles is starting to settle down again with the new group of dogs, she still thinks she should be able to play with every dog she meets. We have started to do some work of the lead!  So far she has been very good!


Along with the other dogs Truffles spent a week in kennels while we were at Center Parcs. She seemed to have enjoyed her stay.


As expected Truffles didn't pass her next test. She was very good apart from her sit stay. She kept sliding down and wouldn't stay in a sit. We are going to giveup on classes for a while. She will do everything really well at home but gets so excited at classes it isn't really worth it. The main purpose of classes is for socialisation and she is the most sociable dog around! 5 year old Grandson did say that he should go with us to the test because she does what he says, she does as well!


Truffles had to spend some time at the vets and was really ill. We don't know what caused it but she had Gastroenteritis. Luckily she is back to normal again.


Just realised how long it is since I wrote anything about Truffles.


She is still as mad as ever,  we keep waiting for her to settle down but it isn't happening.


She still adores the children and loves playing with them.


At the moment (Jan 2014)  she is in season which is a bit tricky when Harvey is around.  She is not mature enough yet to think about putting her in pup.


She has turned out to be like her father, a very short legged labrador so we will have to watch her weight.


March 2015.


We are hoping that Truffles is in pup but won't know for a few weeks.  We took her to see a miniature poodle called Teddy. We are hoping that if she is in pup we will have smaller puppies than we would have had using  a standard poodle.


May 1st 2015


Truffles gave birth to 2 pups today. We had been hoping for a couple more but it wasn't to be.


She wasn't sure what to make of it all at first but has settled down now into being a good mum.


Truffles was a great Mum, the puppies put weight on rapidly and turned out to be great puppies. Truffles was relieved when her time as a mother came to an end.


March 2016 



Much to our surprise Truffles has come into season a month before we expected. Timing is awful as we are going away next week and the dogs are going into kennels. Luckily the kennels are happy to take her and we will have to interupt our holiday to take her to the stud dog. We are only Center Parcs, Elvedon and the stud dog is in Newmarket so it will only take half a day. We will take her back home after she has been to the stud dog. Our son and family are staying at the house overnight and joining us during the day so she will be fine. We come home anyway the following day.


Truffles visits to the stud dog went well so we are keeping our fingers crossed she is in pup.


It became obvious fairly soon that Truffles was in pup. She put a lot more weight on this time.


On June 8th Truffles had her second litter of 8 puppies. She was really unhappy during her labour so we decided that it would be her last litter.

August 2016


We decided to keep one of the puppies, so Spice has joined the family. They have now all gone to their new homes. Truffles was again a brilliant mum and did a good job with her family. Like last time she has now gone into heavy moult and we have a two tone Labrador.


On October the 6th Truffles went to be spayed. She has recovered well from her operation. We will have to be really careful with her now to try and make sure that she doesn't get fat. Not easy with a labrador!



Truffles with Spice Feb 2018


Just realised i haven't updated Truffles page for a long time!


Truffles is fine. In spite of all our efforts she has put on a lot of weight.


Now we only have Spice and Truffles, Truffles has started to join Spice on the social walks.