Truffles first litter

Like her mother before her Truffles has only had 2 pups in her first litter.


On day 65 Truffles went into labour. It was a very long labour. She produced her first pup at 4.00am on May 1st, pup number 2 didn't arrive until 8.30 am.  


In the past our poodles have produced 10+litters in less time.


Tuffles was very shocked by the whole thing and went into panic mode. She refused to go into the whelping box and had her first pup in a chair, the only place she would settle.


First pup weighed 12ozs and was a little boy. Pup number 2 weighed 13ozs and was a little girl.


Grandchildren have been to visit and named the pups after 2 of David Walliams books, Billionaire boy(Billy) and Gangsta Granny(Gangsta) They are very upset we won't be keeping a puppy.


Truffles is now being a very good mum and the pups have already put on 2ozs each.



Truffles with Billy after giving birth in the chair.

Billy and Gangsta with Mum. Still in chair.


video above is of pup an hour old. Sorry if you can't see it.


Truffles decided that she would go in the whelping box but only if we put a really old dog bed in. So much for the vet bed I bought.


Truffles does not want to leave her pups at all now.

Pups are now a week old and doing well. Truffles is being a very good Mum. She spends a lot of time with them but is happy to have a break. The pups are putting on a lot of weight because there are just the two of them. We will have to be careful with them when we start to wean them.

Pups are now 2 weeks old and are continuing to grow well. They have opened their eyes and ears now and are starting to walk. They have been wormed for the first time but didn't enjoy the experience very much. 

Pups are now 21 days.  They have met all their puppy milestones and are becoming real little characters and  real time wasters! They have both got new families to go to and have got super new homes. Billy will now be called Albie and Gangsta will be Dolly. They are going to be lucky puppies.



Pups are now 4 weeks old. They are much more mobile now and are enjoying playing together. They have had their first solids and have been in the garden.

Pups are now 5 weeks old and are getting very active. They are enjoying their solids and want to be on the go the whole time. Mum is spending less time with them and isn't as keen to feed them.

6 weeks old now and getting really active. They are very different characters.  Dolly is more poodlelike, very bouncy and cheeky and takes her time with her food. Albie is much more laid back but eats like a labrador.  This is the last weekend that they will be getting any milk from Mum.

Pups are now 8 weeks old and Dolly has gone to her new home. Albie is leaving us next week. They are both really fantastic pups and we hope they are going to make us proud.