Truffle's 2nd Litter

Just as with her first litter Truffles didn't have the easiest of labours. She had a long first stage of her labour during which time she was very unsettled and agitated. Her 2nd stage of labour started about 10.30am on June 8th. We started getting concerned when she had made no progress over a couple of hours. The books all say if nothing has happened within 2 hours contact your vet. Knowing what a long labour she had last time we thought we would give her more time as she didn't seem in any trouble.

After 3 hours Bill decided to see if he could feel anything. He could feel a paw in the birth canal but nothing else. We phoned the vet and were told to bring her in. When we arrived at the vets puppy number 1 (blue collar)had arrived. We did go in the vets but as number 1 had arrived it was decided it would be best to take her home.


Puppy number 2 arrived at 14.55pm. This was purple collar. It was obvious from birth he was weaker than Blue.


Puppy number 3(red) arrived at 15.37. He was born in the orchard after Truffles decided she had to get out.


Puppy number 4(green) the fourth boy arrived at 16.40pm. This puppy was born in the chair.


Truffles settled down in her whelping box and concentrated on cleaning her puppies. No sign of contractions were seen so we wondered if that was it.


However at 18.30  puppy number  5 (lavender) the first girl was born.


She was followed by puppy number 6(turquoise) another girl.


Puppy 7 (orange) arrived at 19.58.


We thought that was it.  Bill decided to spend the night with Truffles and the pups to keep an eye on things.


I went down around 6.30am and discovered that she had had another puppy during the night. Bill hadn't noticed him being born although he did notice 1 hadn't a collar on.


Yellow collar was born at least 4 hours after puppy number 7.


The puppies were mostly between 11oz and 12oz, although Lavender was only 10oz.




Day 5.

Sadly we had to have purple collar put down today. We had tried feeding him but he couldn't suck properly. I checked his mouth for signs of a cleft palate but his mouth looked fine. He had lost even more weight overnight and didn't want any milk. We decided that it wasn't far to him to let him go on any longer.


The rest of the pups are doing well. They are now a very settled litter and Truffles continues to be a fantastic mum. She will now get out of the welping box to be fed but isn't keen on being away from thm for long.


Blue is now called Big Blue, he is by far the greediest of the litter and has already doubled his birth weight!

The pups are now a week old and have all doubled their birth weight. The next big step is when they open their eyes.

Pups are now 2 weeks old. They are all growing fast and have opened their eyes. They have started to try and walk. They have also been wormed for the first time. The whelping box is now looking a lot fuller. 

Truffles is continuing to be a good mum but is now happy to leave the pups on their own. She goes  in with them for feeding and grooming but the rest of her time is spent outside the whelping box.

Puppies are now 3 weeks old and are growing fast. They can now see and hear and have started to walk and play with each other. They are starting to respond to human voices. They are adorable to watch at this stage, on their wobbly littele legs.

Puppies are fast approaching 4 weeks. They have had a lot of new experiences these past few days. They have been introduced to their indoor play pen and to the great outdoors. Mum has been around to give them support as well as the Grandchildren. THey are going to be introduced to solids during the next few days. Some of them have already had a taste of water.

The pups are now 4 weeks and are adorable. They love lots of attention and want to be played with. They have all taken really well to solids and over the next couple of weeks will have less and less milk from Truffles. Truffles is going to have to settle down again. She has been spoilt over the last few weeks and has been getting lots of extra treats. Although she is not allowed on the furniture in the house she regards the chairs in the conservatory as hers.Because the chairs were the only place she was happy during her labour we have let her stay on them. Not for much longer!


Most of the puppies have been chosen by their new owners now. Blue is now Spice, Lavender is Pepper, Yellow is Cadbury, Green is Basil and Red is Woody, Turquoise has still to be named and Orange(My favourite) has still to find a home.


Puppies have now met our other dogs but not the cat yet.



Pups are  5 weeks old now and into everything. They love exploring and are gaining in confidence all the time. They are having their second lot of wormer which they aren't enjoying very much. They are now having solids 4 times a day but are still getting milk from Truffles for another week.

Pups are 6 weeks old and are hard work now. They will be fully weaned in another few days. They haven't liked this hot weather very much and have made sure they stay in the shade. Turquoise is now called Maude and Orange might be being called Murphy butt his new owners haven't made the final decision yet. 

Pups are now 7  weeks and are a very independent, confident and happy litter. They enjoy exploring the garden and we have had to put extra barriers up to stop them going too far. They are going to be microchipped and vet checked on Friday.

8 weeks old and ready for their new homes. They have been a super litter and we are proud of them all. They can all now sit on command and will sit and wait for their food. They want to be out of their pen all of the time now so are really hard work. We have been trying to make sure that they have all had time on their own before they leave us. The night before they go they have been sleeping in a crate on theri own and so far they have all done really well.

Pepper was the first to leave us. As she is staying in the family Grandchildren have been sending lots of reports about her behaviour. She has settled well and according to them is a genius!


Cadbury was the  2nd to go. We have heard that he has settled well and has taken meeting his new animal family in his stride.

Woody was the third of the pups to leave us. We have heard that he has settled in well and had a good first night.

Maud is the latest of our pups to go. We have heard that she was a good girl on her long car journey and had a good first night.

It is strange just having three puppies here. They are much easier to manage and are being really good. They are all amazing at sitting and recognising their names. They have been enjoyung playing with Truffles and will still try to pinch some milk. Poor Truffles looks a mess at the moment. As with her last litter she has lost a lot of hair. The puppies are spending most of the time in the kitchen or garden and are only in the whelping box now overnight, After Toby goes tomorrow the remaining two will be sleeping in the kitchen until Basil goes to his new home.

Toby left us on August 11th. We have heard that he is doing well. 

Pups are now 10 weeks and this will be the last entry on their page. Spice will have a page of his own. Basil and Spice have enjoyed being the only puppies here. They have had had lots of playtime with Mum and the other dogs. They have also been out for short trips in the car. Basil has been sleeping in his own crate in the kitchen and Spice has been in with the big dogs in his crate. Both puppies have been very good, not crying and have been clean and dry. Basil leaves us tomorrow. Spice will really miss him

Basil is the last of our fantastic litter to leave us. We are hoping that we will see lots of him as his new owner's son is our Grandson's best friend.