The hens

  Our  hens provide us with all the eggs we need. In Jauary 2014 the fox visited us again. The first time since we had put electric fencing up. The hens used to have free range but after previous visits from foxes we decided we would have to do something different.  The electric fencing was put round an area which still gave them plenty of space still with a hedge and ditch area for them to explore. The fencing seemed to have solved our fox problem until now.  The remaining hens have been moved into a stable until we can make changes to the fencing.


The hens usually live in a block built hen house which has insulated walls to help keep the noise of the cockerel down. The stables aren't insulated so the cockerels are very noisy.



We have bought some new hens which have proved very popular because they are so tame

The fox visited us again and took most of our new hens and some of our chicks. Sweetie the white bantam managed to escape.


We put some bantam eggs under Sweetie and bought an incubator to put a small number of eggs in. Hatch rate was about the same.

6 from the incubator and 7 under the broody. 2 of the broody chicks died.  Sweetie and chicks and the incubator chicks are now out in a stable until they are bigger. At this stage we don't know how many will be cockerels.

In November 16 there was an outbreak of Avian Flu. All poultry had to be moved inside or be kept apart from wild birds. We moved the hens into one of the stables which they hated. It was only supposed to be for a month but then was extended to the end of Feb 17. Hens are not happy and are not laying any eggs. Fingers crossed the ban will end soon.


We have happy hens again. They are now allowed outside and are

laying well.