Our Dogs

We have 1 Standard Poodle Teasel 


We have always found that the poodles are very intelligent and loyal dogs. They are great guard dogs but are very good with the children.


We used to breed them but stopped when Teasel had her last litter.


We also have a  chocolate labrador called Truffles. She has her own page!


Truffles has had 2 litters of puppies. We have decided that she has had her last litter. 


We have kept one of the pups and Spice our beautiful chocolate Labradoodle has now joined the pack.




Teasel, Ori and Cleo
A boy and his dog
Truffles at 3 months

Very sadly we had to have our beautiful 8 year old cream poodle put down in January when she developed cancer of the spleen. It was areal shock as she had been fine but had appeared lethargic for a couple of days. Vet very quickly diagnosed the problem and nothing could be done for her. Bethany and Sam loved her so we wanted to give them the opportunity to say goodbye. Both children and parents came round and Cleo spent her last few hours very happily, being cuddled and spoilt. 

This is Cleo on the beach just a week before she had to be put down. the children were amused as she appeared to be waving. At this stage we all thought she was a fit and healthy dog.

We lost  Teasel's son Orinocco in July 18. He was 10 when he died. Teasel has outlived the puppies we kept from both of her litters.