Spice is the latest addirion to our family. He is a chocolate labradoodle, son of Truffles our chocolate labrador and William, a miniature chocolate poodle.  Spice was born onn June 8th 2016

Spice was the first born of Truffles's 2nd litter  and was actually born in the car on the way to the vets. Once he was born we came straight back home to await the arrival of the rest of the litter.

Spice was known for a long time as Big Blue. It was our Grandson who wanted us to keep Big Blue as he was his favourite. We weren't really bothered which pup we kept as they were all fantastic.

Once the last of the litter had gone to their new home Spice became an only puppy. He settled down really well and got on well with the big dogs.

Spice is now 12 weeks old and is turning into a fantastic puppy. He doesn't mind being left on his own or being in with the big dogs. He seems to be very quick at learning and is a very happy content pup.

He loves playing with his Mum and the poodles, but he treats them with great respect.

He enjoys his sisiter visiting and they have a great time together.

Spice's big sister Dolly came to play. They had a fun time together. 

Spice is 4 months old now and continues to be a good boy. He has started training classes and is doing well. He is a very content puppy and enjoys life

Spice is turning into a super dog. He has had a busy time lately. He has had his sister Pepper staying while we were away and now has Teddy, our son's Norfolk terrier, staying. He has met 2 of his brothers, Woody and Basil. He has also had a trip to Hadleigh High street with his sister Pepper to help get them used to a different environment. They both did really well and got lots of attention.

He is doing really well at his training classes and really enjoys his weekly play with other puppies at Puppy Hour.

Spice is now 6 months old and continues to be a very laid back puppy. He has finished his puppy class and is moving on to the next class up.


He continues to enjoy playing with the other dogs and his big sister Dolly and litter sister Pepper. Pepper is a lot smaller than Spice and is another super dog.


Unlike Dolly and Pepper it looks as if Spice is going to turn into a dog with a two tone coat, He is getting a lot of white hairs along his side. When he has his full adult coat he will look very different to his sisters if his coat develops the way we think.

Spice is now 7 months old and is in his teenage period when he is trying to see just what he can get away with. He continues to be a good boy at training classes.


Spice is now 9 moths old and today is a very unhappy boy. He was castrated yesterday and has been very groggy today. He wasn't bothered about being apart from the other dogs but is now starting to feel better and can't understand why he can't be with them. His sister Pepper is also very unhappy, she can't understand why she can't play with her brother.


Pepper spends part of her week with us now during term time.  Daughter and Son-in-law are both teachers and work some distance from home. It wouldn't be fair to Pepper to be on her own all day so she stays with us. Son-in -law has been off work with a bad back but is now back at work. The children hate it when Pepper has to spend the

nights here. 


Pepper will hopefully be a therapy dog in school before long and won't have to spend so much time with us. She has already been into school and is doing really well. Now she is 9 months she will be able to have an assessment soon.


We are hoping Spice will also be a PAT dog, he has his assessment booked in April. 


Spice passed his PAT dog assessment with flying colours. He was so good and didn't put a paw wrong! We still have to wait for references to be taken up etc. It can take up to 12 weeks before we hear if we have made the grade!!!! After that we have to find somewhere to visit, then DBS checks have to be carried out. It could be 6 months before Spice starts his visits.


Spice has passed his Bronze Good Citizen test so will now be working up to the silver test. 


Spice and the rest of the litter have celebrated their 1st birthdays.

Spice has also had his first official PAT dog visit. He was very good and seemed to enjoy his visit and was much admired.


Well done Pepper who has also passed her PAT dog assessment



We have had Pepper staying with us while the family are on holiday. We took Spice and Pepper with us when we went to watch the National Sheepdog trials. They both seemed to enjoy thier day out and were much admired.


Spice is continuing to enjoy his visits to the Care Home.  He will be starting to go into school as a reading therapy dog soon.


His sister, Pepper is now in school at least 3 days a week in her role as a therapy dog and is doing really well. Pepper has also started agility training  and loves it.


Both Spice and Pepper continue to be super dogs and are both doing well with all their activities.


Spice and Mum Feb 2018

Congratulations Spice on passing your Good Citizen Silver award.


Spice, Pepper and Basil had a get together on their 2nd birthday.

Pepper has also passed her silver test.


She is now registered with the kennel club so she can start competing in agility competitions,


Grandaughter wants to see if Spice will be any good at agility as Pepper is in the medium section but Spice would be a large dog, She likes the idea of having a dog in each section.

Spice is going to agility classes soon to see if he can make the grade.


Dec 18


Spice is enjoying his agility sessions. He is never going to be a speed merchant but he is accurate most of the time.


He still goes to his obedience classes but much prefers agility as he gets to play with the other dogs.


He still has his regular visits to the Willows and has been working with the year 6 children at school.



Spice and Pepper both did well at the Agility club Christmas competition. They both came 2nd in their respective classes.


March 2019


Spice and Pepper both  entered an agility competition in Norfolk.

Spice did well considering it was his first competition. He was eliminated twice for jumping the wrong jump but managed a clear round in his last class.


June 2019


Happy 3rd bithday to Spice and Pepper.  Spice has passed his Gold Good Citizens teat.


September 19.


Spice had his first agility win this month, joining Pepper who won a class last month. They are both improving thier agility skills.