Smidge is our cat. He is unlike any other cat we have ever had! Our other cats have all loved the great outdoors and have been great at keeping mice and rat numbers down. They have also loved all the comforts of being inside. Smidge hates the outdoor life and is no hunter. He will go out if the sun is shining and it's a warm day. Otherwise he refuses to go out. He will look through the cat flap to check on weather conditions and if they aren't to his liking he goes back to lie down. We have to have an indoor litter tray during the winter months, otherwise he will use the hall as his toilet.

We now have to keep the litter tray in all the time for Smidge. Since we incorporated the small paddock into the garden the conifer hedge that Smidge loved has gone. He only goes out for short periods and stays very close to the back door. Another cat has been coming into the garden and Smidge is so timid (brave cat to come in with our dogs!)


Smidge will always come out if we are in the garden but will shoot inside if the dogs bark or the swallows notice him and start giving their warning calls!

Smidge is getting very brave in his old age.  He now enjoys lying down in front of the fire with the dogs.