Our Sheep

  We started off with a flock of pure Hebridean sheep but over the years have had a variety of rams so our flock is very mixed. 


Our ewes are:    Petal,  Blossom ,  Maisiie,  Honey

and Jane.  we also have Petunia our bottle fed lamb from 2017 and 2 of her sisters,  Dolores and Nymphadora


They were joined in 2018 by our new ram,  a Jacob who couldn't be called anything else but Jacob!



Our lambs stay with their mothers until it is time for them to go to the butchers. We  sell our  lamb several times a year when the lambs are ready to go to the butchers. Lamb prices are elsewhere on the website.


Yoda,Tansy and Mayday Maisie

March 2016 and the sheep are all at the top field. It looks like the ewes are pregnant but will be lambing later than we thought. We will bring them home ready for lambing after our holiday.



April 30th and lambing is over for another year. The ewes have produced 12 lovely lambs for us.


After lambing was over we took the flock back to the Top field. All 

seemed  to be fine and the lambs were growing well. One morning in May, Bill found a dead lamb. It looked perfect and was one of our best lambs. 2 days later another had died.

 We had a pm done on them and found out they had "pulpy kidney". We felt really guilty as this is something you can vaccinate against. In early 30 years of keeping sheep this has never happened to us before. Made us feel a bit better when we heard of a farmer who had lost a lot of  lambs and ewes due to pulpy kidney and he had all his sheep vaccinated.


Better late than never, we have now started the vaccine course for our sheep.


June 2016


No more sheep have died thank goodness. Sheep have been back at the Moat field for the last couple of weeks and all seem fine. 


October 16.


Sheep did well over the summer and the lambs have grown nicely. Most of them have gone to the butchers now but we still have 4 lambs left. We will be keeping one of the ewe lambs and Jet our bottle fed castrated male. The other 2 will be going to the butchers in January. Jet is keeping the ram company  at the moment. The ram will be going back in with the ewes  next month.



November 2016


Willy Wonka  is now back at the Moat with  his ladies. Jet and 1 male lamb have stayed with him.


The two ewe lambs are up at the top field as we don't want them to lamb next year.


January 2017


Sheep have been moved to the Top field, ewe lambs have come home.


March 2017.

We have had to get rid of Willy Wonka as he made a serious attempt to attack Bill. The attack was unprovoked and out of the blue. With Grandchildren around we cannot take the risk of him attacking them. He had a quick trip to the butchers.


The ewes will be coming home next week ready for lambing.


April 6th


The lambs who were first to lamb have gone back up to the top field.


Lambing came to an end on April 9th. Our ewes have produced a total of 12 lambs between them. The sheep are now all up at the top field.


On April 16th one of our favourite ewes, Exellent Rose was found dead. She hadn't shown any signs of being ill. She has left us with her 2 lambs, Petunia and Dudley who will now have to be bottle fed for a while. We have brought them home so we can look after them here.


Dudley and Petunia are doing well and love all the attention they get. They enjoy going for walks with the dogs.


June 1st 2017


Sheep have been shorn and have gone up to the moat for the Summer. Petunia and Dudley have remained at home along with Jet and Jane (We think Jane is in lamb)


July 2017


Jane has produced a lovely little ram lamb called Olly.Named because our Grandaughter was at her first concert seeing Olly Murrs.


August 2017


We have now been joined by our new ram lamb, Ludo. He will stay with Jet at the Top field until he is big enough to go in with the ewes. He isn't very big so looks like late lambs next year.


November 2017


Sheep brought back from Moat field and put in with Ram.


Feb 2018.


Flock gone back to Moat field. Doesn't look like any are in lamb.


April 2018


Still no sign of lambs, flock are back at Top field.


July 2018


We have now bought a new Ram as Ludo hasn't produced any lambs for us. We have bought a proven Jacob ram and caalled him Jacob.


Jacob has gone to the Moat field until it is time for him to go in with the ewes. We have put 3 ewes in with him for company.


August 2018.


Ludo will be going to the butchers this week. Jacob will go up to thr Top ffield with the Shetlands and the rest of ewes willl go to the Moat field until they join him in November.


September 18.


We have a lamb.Blossom produced a lovely ram lamb for us .

Although we realised she was in lamb it was only the day before Shock arrived. He was born the day we collected his father from the butchers.

Jacob up at the Moat.

Shock with his Mum

The day he was born. We have never had a lamb born in the middle of September before.

Fingers crossed the ewes are in lamb. We are hoping we will have lambs next April.

Jacob went in with the ewes in early November and was very eager to get on with his job.


Shock and his Mum have stayed at the Moat with Lucy.


January 2019.


Shock and Lucy went to the  butchers on January 24th.

Shock's mum rejioned the rest of the flock.Will it be another late lamb for Blossom


Feb 2019


Flock have gone to the Moat field for a few weeks before coming home for lambing.


March 2019

Flock have gone back to Top field but will be home soon for



Flock are now home for lambing. Jacob and Blossom stayed at the top field.


We had a very good lambing, but had problems after with 3 of the ewes, sadly we lost Bluebell and had to bottle feed her lambs.


September 19


Our first five lambs have gone to the butchers. Jacob has been taken away from the ewes and will be back in with them in November.