The Ponies.

We have 2 ponies at home now. Our 2 Shetlands, Becky and her daughter Bracken. 


On september 4th 2016 we had t o say goodbye to Bonnie at the age of 35. Bonnie was our daughter's second pony  and was actually owned by Redwings. She was 8 when she came to us and after a lot of hard work by our daughter became a super competition pony. She had a long and happy life  and retirement with us and died surrounded by those who loved her.

Bonnie at 31

Becky and Bracken are our Shetland ponies. Becky is 17 now and Bracken is 13. We bought Becky as a yearling and she produced Bracken for us.  

 They are supposed to be miniature Shetlands but are too big to be miniatures. Thery lead a very lazy life.


Becky and Bracken