Our Pigs

 We  have 2 sows , Kylie and Candy. Kylie has had 3 litters now and Candy 2. They are  both Gloucester Old Spots and are great characters.


We also have Hagrid, Belatrix and Luna. They are Gloucestershire Old Spotsx Berkshire. We will be keeping one of the girls for breeding and the other 2 will go for meat.



Depending on time of year and weather conditions we can vary the way we keep our pigs.

During winter they sleep indoors with access during the day to the yard. They do get a chance to have a run in the field if conditions are suitable.

During the warmer months they live outside. 


We  sell weaners when we have any and have kept our best weaners to sell on as breeding stock when they are older. 


We are experimenting with an adopt a pig scheme. This is for people who would like their own pork but aren't in a position to rear it themselves. Please contact us if you would like details as there are a number of ways we can do this.


We also sell pork when we have any available, our sausages are always popular.