Latest Meat Prices

             Pork                              Price per kilo


Belly Pork                           £6.00

Shoulder joint

boned and rolled                 £7.50

Loin joint

boned and rolled                 £9.00

Leg joint

boned and rolled                 £8.00

Minced pork                        £6.50

Pork chops                          £8.00

Pork steaks                         £8.50

Gammon joint

boned and rolled                 £9.00

Gammon steaks                  £11.00

BBQ ribs                             £4.00

Ham Hock                           £2.75



meaty with a herb seasoning £7.75

(£6.75 orders of 5kg or more)




Back.                      £13 per kg

Streaky.                  £12 per kg






Leg  bone in                          £11

Leg boneless                         £15

Shoulder  bone in                  £7.50

Barnsley chops                      £11

lamb cutlets                          £15

Fillet                                      £11.50

Rack of lamb                          £16.50

lamb shanks                          £8.50

lamb mince                            £8.00

leg steaks                              £15.00

lamb chops                            £11.00


half a lamb                            £6.50

(leg, shoulder, best end neck, fillet,

offal, breast, chops)

Cut to your requirements.

Price is for carcass weight.


Please ask if you would like any cuts not mentioned.