Lambing 2019

We have 8 ewes to lamb this year. We may have a  later lamb if Blossom is in lamb. As she had a late lamb last year we didn't put

her in with the Ram until January.


Dolores was the first to lamb, I had been watching the ewes and Dolores and Masie were looking very unsettled.


Dolores hung back at tea time but Maisie came and had her tes.

A short while later Dolores went into labour and to our surprise produced triplets without any help. She has 1 boy, Bob and 2 girls, Babs and Betty.





Dolores and her triplets were brought inside and all seemed quiet. Bill went and checked the ewes and came in reporting all quiet. My turn for the next check 2 hours later. When i got out Masie had had her first lamb and another was on the way. I went to let Bill know and by the time I got back I knew we had problems. The head of lamb number 2 was out but no legs could be seen. Bill had to push the lamb back in and find the front legs so the lamb could be delivered. He managed to get number 2 out, quickly followed by number 3.

We took Maisie and her lambs in to another stable.

Maisie's lambs are, Bertie, Bon and Bridget.


Next to lamb on April 4th was Petal. She produced 2 enormous ewe lambs, Betsy and Bertha.

Later that evening Honey looked like she was lambing. It was a very cold windy evening so we brought her in to lamb. She wasn't making much progress so Bill had to help out. Eventually Honey produced 3 healthy lambs. I boy and 2 girls called Bacon, Bea and Brandie.

Petunia was next to lamb on

April 8th. She produced a boy and girl. Balthazar and Bramble.


Bluebell was next, the same day. She had 2 girls, Bianca and Belinda

Jane was next, Bear was born on Friday 12th. Our Grandaughjter was here at the time and delivered her first lamb. We were convinced Jane would haave another lamb but she only had Bear. We were hoping Jane would give us a white lamb but no. 

Nymphadora was the last to lamb. She surprised us. SHe was waiting for her breakfast as usual but when I went to check her an hour later she already had a lamb, her second was born shortly after. Her lambs are Bumbledore and Boomerang.

Lambing over for another year. We were congratulating ourselves on a good lambing season when disaster struck. First Maisie looked off colour so we brought her and her lambs home and gave her some antibiotics. Next we found Petal had collapsed and had to get the vet out, he thought she had developed an infection.

Later that day Bluebell collapsed and died within the hour.

We are hoping that Masie and Petal will recover.


 We have brought Belinda and Bianca home, we also brought Bridget home as we had been bottle feeding her in the field as she was falling behind her brother and sister.


We had to take Bridget  back to the top field, she was making such a lot of noise crying for her mum. We can still bottle feed her up there.


Petal and Maisie took a long time to recover but fingers crossed they will be okay. Their lambs are doing really well.


Belinda and Bianca are doing well and took to bottle feeding very quickly. We have also had to bottle feed Bumbledore as he was rejected by his mum.


Peatal and Maisie and their lambss will be staying at home with the 3 bottle fed lambs until we are sure they have fully recovered.


Petal and Maisie both made a full recovery. Petal and her lambs joined the rest of the flock at the Moat. Maisie and her lambs stayed at home with the bottle fed lambs.


They will stay at home until Blossom has lambed. After lambing they will join the rest of the flock. The bottle fed lambs will then be old enough to stop their bottle feeds.

On July 5th Blossom produced triplets. 2 boys and a girl. They have joined the rest of the flock at the Top Field..