Lambing 2017

We have 7 ewes to lamb this year. We may have a very late lamb if  Jane, our ewe lamb from last year lambs, but that will be late July or August. 


Blossom was the first to lamb on April Ist, She lambed with no problems and had 2 very nice ram lambs, Geoge and Fred (Weasley) All our young animals this year are named after Harry Potter characters.

Honey was the next to lamb on the 2nd April. Being a first lamber she hadn't a clue what was going on. Bill had to help deliver the lamb, a beautiful ewe lamb called Nymphadora Tonks.

Petal was the next to deliver on April 3rd, 2 really strong ewe lambs, Molly and Lily

Excellent Rose had her lambs on April 5th. As usual she kept us waiting a long time. She produced 2 big black lambs, Petunia, a ewe lamb and Dudley a ram lamb. 


Maisie was next to lamb on April 6th at 2.00am. She lambed with no problems and produced 2 beautiful black lambs, Rowena and Voldermort.

Our last two to lamb decided to lamb at the same time. Lucy and Bluebell both needed help. Bluebell, a first lamber, needed help to deliver her lamb, It was a normal presentation and all went well. She had a ewe lamb, Dolores.

Lucy, an experienced lamber had real problems. Her first lamb, Wormtail, was born with one leg back so he needed help. Fleur, appeared with one leg and 1 ear showing. Bill had to push her back in and manipulate her so she could be delivered. Luckily both Mum and lambs are well.


Lambing is over for another year !


Lucy with Wormtail and Fleur, born On April 9th along with Dolores.

As we thought, Jane provided us with a late lamb in June. She produced Ludo without any help.