Kylie (Alsa Princess 1910) was born on February 21 2014. Her father was Newclose Rufus 160 and her dam was Alsa Princess 1044.  Kylie joined us when she was 8 weeks old . She has a lovely nature and we are hoping that in time she will produce some lovely piglets for us.


Kylie is turning out to be a super pig. She is really friendly and loves to have her tummy tickled. She is vey patient with Tunip's litter.Some of Tunip's litter have taken to spending the night with Kylie.


It looks like Kylie has started to come into season so we will have to keep an eye on and decide when she can go in with Tom.



Kylie has now moved in with Tom and we are hoping that she will have her first litter in February.  They are both inside now and will be moving up to the moat buildings where there is more room for them to run around. They do get the chance to go out for a run around which they love.


Now that Tom has gone Kylie has moved in with the boys. She has always loved Tunip's litter and seems to be pleased to be back in with them. She will stay with them for the next few weeks until we bring her home to go in the farrowing pen.

After keeping us waiting for a full week Kylie produced her first litter of 10 on March 1st.  She had no problems and was very happy for us to be with her during the birth.

She has proved to be a very good mum.


Kylie is now living with Violet until the autumn when she will be joined by Henry and Violet will move in with Candy.


We tried Henry with Kylie,( Oct 9th) but she is still a bit too big for him. We will try again next time she is in season.


After Violet went to the butchers Kylie moved in with  Candy and Henry.  Henry still hasn't shown much interest in Kylie so we aren't sure if he is fertile or it  is just that Kylie is too big for him.  We have used AI on both Kylie and Candy but have allowed Henry to stay with them. It will be interesting to see the resulting piglets. It is possible to have mixed litters. We have used an Oxford Sandy and Black as the sire so we will be able  to   tell who has fathered the litter.


Kylie's litter arrived on March 15th. 8 girls and 3 boys. They were very obviously Oxford Sandy and Black cross Old Spots. Kylie is again being a fantastic Mum.


Kylie's litter have left us now and Kylie and Candy are back together again.Kylie showed Candy who was boss.


December 2016


We now have Tom, one of our old boars back on loan. He was introduced to Kylie last month but we put them together too soon and Kylie attacked Tom.  Tom retaliated and Kylie came off worse. She had a very deep gash down one side. We couldn't put her back with Tom until her wound healed.


She then decided she really wanted to be with him and kept trying to stand in front of him when we let her out.


Tom has been great while he has been with us. He is such a friendly pig, loves being brushed and is always ready for a tummy tickle. He hasn't changed at all since we sold him.


We thought that Kylie was in pig, Unfortunately we think that she lost the litter fairly early on. She was very ill one day, wouldn't move or eat. We will be tryng AI on here next time she is in season. Not holding out much hope as we haven't got a boar here.

As we suspected Kylie didn't hold serve. We wont try to put her in pig again this year as we would be running into the period when it is getting difficult to sell weaners.


November 2017.


We will try AI on KYlie this month.