Kylie's 2nd litter

On Tuesday 15th March Kylie's second litter arrived. She had spent all afternoon building her nest and at 9.00pm her first piglet arrived. It was a straight forward birth and all went well. At 12.10pm her 11th piget arrived. They were a lovely healthy litter with no runts. 


The piglets all survived the first night and before long had their first visitors. For once it wasn't the Grandchildren but they were over as soon as they could after school.

Piglets have all made it through the first 24 hours.Kylie is being a super mum and at the moment they are a very happy contented litter. I got a fright when I looked at the monitor and saw 10 pigets feeding and 1 stretched out not moving.I dashed out fearing the worst only to find a very full sleeping piglet who wasn't very impressed at being woken up.

Now 6 days old the piglets have taken their first steps outside. they weren't keen at first but followed kylie out. she kept them out for a few minutes and then decided they had had enough and took them back in for a good feed.

Piglets have been out and about again. They have met Henry. One of the girls had to be rescued when she went out into the field on her own to meet the ponies. A quick rescue mission was needed.

Kylie's litter are growing really well, they are a really stong, chunky litter who are really enjoying being outside 

Litter are doing really well. They are our strongest litter so far and have been since birth. Kylie has done really well for them.

Litter are 4 weeks old now and we only have 2 left to sell and I haven't advertised them yet. We have someone coming next week who wants 2 girls. So if the 2 girls left from this litter are chosen they will all be sold.

They are enjoying their solid food now. Pictures show them inside eating. Pigets with yellow markings are 2 who have already been selected by thier new owners.

Kylie's litter are ready to be weaned. It will be a relief for poor Kylie who in spite of all the food we are giving her. She has done a fantastic job for her piglets. Today is their last day with her.

Piglets are now coming up to 8 weeks and will start to leave us at the end of the week. They will be wormed tomorrow, a very noisy job.

Kylie's litter have now all left us. We still have Patch and Plum our meat pigs and Percy our adopt-a-pig. They have been a fantastic litter.