Candy ( Herronick Princess 78)  is our  Gloucester Old Spot.  She was being raised for meat which we always felt was a shame because she was such a good pig, both in temperament and confirmation. Luck was on her side however as we were unable to get Violet our youg Oxford Sandy and Black into pig. It was decided that Violet would go to the butchers instead. (She tasted delicious)

This means that for the first time we only have Gloucester Old Spots. They have always been our favourite breed. Not as stunning in looks as the Oxford Sandy and Blacks,  but we have found that they have been much friendlier than the OSB's. If we hadn't had the two breeds to compare we would have thought the OSB's were the friedliest but the Old Spots have the edge.


We are hoping that Candy is in pig and will produce her first litter in late March.


On March 21st Candy's first litter arrived. 6 boys and 5 girls. She was very agitated during the birth but has proved to be a fantastic  mum.


Candy's litter have left us now. She is back in with Kylie. After a brief fight to establish who was boss. They have settled down nicely together. At the moment it is Kylie who is boss.


November 2016


Fingers crossed that Candy is in pig. We are hoping that she will have a litter of Gloustershire Old Spot x Berkshire piglets as we have used AI on her. We have Tom, one of our old boars on loan

at the moment but he is Candy's father. He did mate once with her so it will be interesting to see what happens. He took his opportuniy while we were putting Kylie away after she had been injured.

Feb 2017.

Candy is in pig!

This is Candy a week before her due date. She doesn't look very big so don't think she will be having enough piglets to satisfy our waiting list!!!

Candy gave birth on the 6th March 2017 to 13 beautiful GOS X Berkshire piglets. 6 girls and 7 boys.


Nov 2017


We have tried AI on Candy this month and are just waiting to see if she has held serve,


Looks like Candy has held serve and should have her litter in March


Very sadly Candy  lost her litter. 5 weeks before her due date without any warning she went into labour. She produced 10 piglets who stood no chance of survival.


We have no idea what went wrong, she wasn't ill at all and recovered quickly. We will leave her this year and see what happens next year.


Fingers crossed Candy is in pig and will produce a litter early next March.