Candy's First litter

On Monday 21st of March Candy's first litter arrived. She had been nest building for 24 hours and around 6.50pm piglet number 1 arrived. It was a real shock for Candy and she wasn't sure what was happening. She was agitated during the whole process but retained her good nature. Piglet 11 arrived around 9.30pm. 


The litter all survived their first night which we were really pleased about as there were a couple of smaller piglets. 


I got a fright when I saw Candy pick up one of the piglets in her mouth. I thought she was gouing to kill it, instead she put it back with the rest of her litter who were under the heat lamp. Looks like she is going to be a super Mum.


Best thing about this litter is that Henry is the dad. so we have an Old Spot litter, not as pretty as the crosses but well done Henry.


Litter are all doing well. They are now 4 days old. They aren't as lively as Kylie's litter yet. It was a lovely day today but only a couple followed Candy out.


Litter are now 10 days old and are now enjoying going outside. They have now met up with Kylies piglets. It is quite impressive to see them all together.

Litter are now 3 weeks old and are enjoying being out and about.

One of the little boys is limping badly. We are keeping our fingers crossed he will be okay. We are trying to make sure he gets plenty of rest. It means he has to stay in when the rest go out. We are leaving another piglet with him to keep him company.

The litter are starting to get really friendly and have discovered the joy of chewing wellies.

Litter are now 5 weeks old and continue to do well. They are enjoying their solids  and will have at least another week with mum.

Piglets are now coming up to 7 weeks and are enjoying their solids. They have got used to doing without Mum.

Candy's litter have now gone to their new homes. It is quiet without them.