Candy's 2nd litter

On her due date,  March 6th Candy had her litter. She hadn't done any real nest building but was acting differently. I had checked her for milk in the morning and there was some there, I checked her in the afternoon and she was full of milk so it was obvious she woud be farrowing fairly soon. She ate her tea and within 20 minutes the first piglet had arrived. She produced 13 piglets within 2 hours, 6 girls and 7 boys. unfortunately 2 little girls had died within the first 24 hours. one overlaid and one being stood on by Candy.


The piglets were the result of AI so are Berkshire cross GOS.

We are having to let several regular customers down this year as this is our only litter this year and we haven't enough piglets to satisfy demand particularly for gilts.

The 11 remaining babies made it through the first 48 hours. They are proving to be a very lively bunch and have all been named after Harry Potter characters. Candy is now back to her normal self after the birth and is being a good Mum.

Piglets are now a week old and are doing really well. They have taken their first steps outside and have had lots of visitors.

Piglets are now 2 weeks old and are growing well. They are a very energetic litter and love running round the field. We are going to have to stop them doing that for a while. We have brought the sheep home ready for lambing and the piglets decided oit was good fun to chase them.

Piglets are now 4 weeks old and are enjoying time with Granny Kylie. Kylie is amazing with the piglets, she will lie down and let them suckle even though she has no milk!

The litter are now 8 weeks old and have gone to their new homes. We still have Hagrid, Luna and Belatrix. One of the girls will be staying on with us for breeding and the other two willprovide our pork for the next year.