Belatrix is our Gloucestershire Old Spot x Berkshire sow  She is Candy's daughter and  is the result of AI, She was born on March 6th 2017. She is our Grandaughter's pig. Although she is a very friendly pig with people  she isn't keen on other pigs. 


 On April 9th/10th Belatrix had her first litter. 11 beautiful chunky piglets. She quickly become a super mum.

Bella reared all her piglets but was glad to see them back again.


Fingers crossed Bella's next litter is due early February 2019.


Bella's litter arrived on Feb 2nd. She produced 15 piglets. We lost 1 very small boy after a couple of days but she again proved to be a super Mum to the other 14.


Bella continued to be a super mum and raised all 14. We have kept 4. 10 have gone to new homes.