Belatrix's first litter

Belatrix's first litter was due on APril 7th. Grandchildren wanted to be there at the birth so came to stay overnight in case they missed anything. No sign of any piglets over the weekend so they went back home on Sunday night. On Monday morning Belatrix started building her nest. We thought  there was plenty of time so the children didn't come back until the afternoon. Proper labour started about 7.30 pm. By 10.30 no piglets had arrived and Bella wasn't pushing anymore. Bill had to intervene and managed to deliver a very big piglet. After that Bella managed on her own and delivered a lovely litter of 11 chunky piglets. 6 girls and 5 boys

Bella was very protective for the first few hours.


PIglets are a very lively bunch and are feeding well. THey all made it through the first critical 24 houts and Bella is proving to be a fantastic mum.

Piglets are all doing really well. They are a very active litter and are all feeding well. They have had lots of attention and cuddles and have  had their first outing outside.

Piglets are 2 weeks old now and are growing really well. They are spending more time outside but are still indoors at night. They have been introduced to ou GOS sow Candy. She is very good with them, alloewing them to try and suckle from her, even though she has no milk!

 Piglets are now 6 weeks old and are being weaned. They will be kept in for the next couple of weeks before they go to thei new homes