Belatrix's 2nd Litter

Belatrix's litter arrived on Saturday morning. She hadn't shown any obvious signs of nesting but her milk had come in so we knew she would be having her litter very soon.

The camera was on so we were able to monitor her very cllosely.

She was breathing very heavily but not showing any obvious signs of labour so I went to make a cup of coffee. 


I went back upstairs to look at the monitor. Bella was standing up and there was a piglet on the floor.


We went out to find a perfect little piglet. Bella was very unsettled so we put the piglet under the heat lamp


THe first piglet was born and the last piglet arrived at 3.30pm.


Belatrix is very unusual in that she gets up and wanders around between piglets. She wouldn't settle to let them feed so we put them under the heat lamp as soon as they were born. 


The Grandchildren came over to see them and saw several born and had cuddles with them.


Bella managed brilliantly and as soon as the last piglet was born she allowed them to suckle.


They are a lovely litter. 6 girls and 9 boys. THere are a couple of smaller piglets but they are all feeding well.


Babies all made it through the first 24 hours. They are so vunerable during the first few days it's always a worrying time.


They are a very clever litter and have quickly found the heat lamp. Belatrix is being a super Mum again. She is trying to be careful when she lies down but she is so big compared to them

We haven't given them any names as yet but are wiaiting until they are a bit older just in case anything happens. 


THis litter are going to be named after different types of chocolate bars and sweets!


Sadly one of the smallest boys died at 3 days old. The rest of the litter are now a week old and feeding well. They are all very active but it has been too cold to let them go outside.


Bella is being  an amazing mum again.


Piglets have had lots of visitors and have taken their first steps outside. It is stil very cold so we didn't let them stay out long. Bella is desperate to be outside.