On Sunday 17th March 2019 we were joined by our new puppy Bandit.

Bandit was born on the 22nd of January and is a black abstract miniature poodle. An abstract poodle is one who is mainly one solid colour but has small patches of a differnent colour. This means that although she is KC registered she wouldn't do well in the showing ring. 


Bandit's parents have both been health tested. She was born and spent her first 8 weeks on a farm in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

We are hoping that she will prove to be a great addition to the family and will be a good agility dog.


We collected Bandit on the Sunday morning and brought her home. She was a good girl on the journey. Our Suffolk Grandchildren were waiting for her, Bandit took everything in her stride and was ready for a good sleep when they left.


She slept through her first night without a sound and was clean and dry in the morning.


She has had a busy first week and so far has been really good. She has met lots of people and is getting used to being in her crate in the car. She has mastered the sit and we are now starting walking on the lead ( not good at the moment) She loves playing with the big dogs and they have been really good with her.

Bandit continues to do well. She is 10 weeks old now and has had her 2nd injection, she will be allowed out before long. Her training is going well.

Bandit is now 14 weeks old and continues to do well although toilet training is still an issue.

She has met lots of new people and dogs and has had a trip to the Groomers.

Spice , Truffles and Pepper continue to be very good with her and she loves playing with them.

She is now walking really well on her lead and has mastered sit and down and is working on her stay.

Bandit is nearly 5 months now and is a real character. She is very quick to learn new things. She has had her first training class. All she really wants to do is play with the other dogs like she does when she goes to Spice's social agility class. the dogs aren't allowed to play with each other and at the moment she is finding it a bit boring!


Bandit is now 7 months and is doing well. She has progressed from puppy class . She still finds it a struggle to stay still but will do, although you can tell she is desperate to go and play. 


She has come with us to a couple of agility shows and has really enjoyed the experience, she has started some agility training although it will still be a long time before she can use most of the equipment.