Adopt a Pig

Why adopt a pig?


Many people would love to own their own pig and know where their food comes from but don't have the facilities or time to rear their own pigs.


We have an adopt a pig scheme where you can buy one of our piglets and we will rear it for you until it is ready to provide you with delicious meat.


What will it cost ?


At the moment we charge £225. An initial deposit of £75 payable at the start of the process and £150 for the upkeep of your piglet payable before delivery to the abattoir.


We do not pay for slaughter and butchery costs. This is your responsibility and costs vary depending on the size of pig and how you want it butchered. 


 We have recently had to change butchers as the abbatoir and butchers we used to use have closed the abbatoir side of the business. We now use C.K Meats in Eye and  Palfrey and Hall butchers in Debenham.




What you get.


You get to choose and name your own piglet.

We provide regular updates and photographs.

We take care of all the costs relating to your piglets upkeep.

We provide all the care, love and attention your piglet needs.

You can visit your piglet any suitable time by arrangement.( friends welcome!)

We provide transport to the abattoir.

If anything happens to your piglet a replacement will be offered when available.

You decide how you want your piglet butchered. (We will help and give advice if needed.

 You get delicious meat from a happy pig who will have had the best possible life.


What isn't included


Slaughter and butchery costs and collection from butchers.


If you are interested in adopting a pig please get in touch with us. We usually only have 1 adopt a pig in each litter so you might have to wait for your pig but the wait will be worth it.