About us

We're a bit beyond the first flush of youth, but not yet quite ready for the knacker's yard.  We're both retired, although there are times when it doesn't feel like it.


We've kept a variety of livestock over many years, fitting in their needs with our jobs and a growing family.  Since retiring, we can spend more time indulging this aspect of our life and enjoying the rewards - and accepting the occasional heartaches - that it brings.  We try very hard not to be overly sentimental, and we love eating some of the best quality meat it's possible to get while putting animal welfare at top priority from conception to slaughter.


We try to produce top quality stock to sell on both for breeding and rearing for meat. We regularly buy in fresh breeding stock to improve our breeding lines.


We also sell our produce,  fresh or frozen. Price lists can be seen on the website 


We now have a new generation who love helping with the animals.

Our 13  year old Grandaughter has already informed us that she is going to be a Smallholder!


We have 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. When we go away it is usually our daughter and family who take over the care of all the animals.